Wednesday, September 23, 2015

End Of Day 1

It's been a good and productive day. We got a lot done and we are ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.  Tomorrow being the first date of the tour. Gonna make this first show amazing. 
As I was getting close to getting ready for bed, my boss turns to me and apologizes, "I'm sorry. The rest of the mornings won't be like this, but tomorrow we have to load in at 7:45am."
Me: "that's sleeping in!!  I'm fine with that!  That's central time too. It'll be like sleeping until 845am to me.  I'm totally ok with that. If that's the worst we have to wake up - this is going to be a great tour!!  Especially on the west coast!" 

In case you've never seen the sleeping quarters in a bus, here is my bunk:
It's literally about two feet tall. If I bend my knees while on my back, my knee caps hit the ceiling. It's compact, but comfy and cozy. Hardest part is remembering throughout the night and in the morning: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SIT UP!!

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