Thursday, September 24, 2015

Learn Something New Every Day

Things I forgot that can prove difficult to do while on a moving bus:
1. Walk
2. Pour anything into a cup
3. Pee standing up and not miss
4. Make a sandwich
5. Put in contact lenses
6. Text and press all The correct letters
7. Make my own bed
8. Keep doors and drawers open. 
9. Keep doors and drawers closed. 
10. Stand still. 
11. Change pants. 

Thing I learned is much more difficult while riding on a tour bus:
-Core exercising. 
It's difficult enough to keep your abs tensing and flexing as the world below you feels still. Now add in bumps, turns, jostles, accelerating, decelerating and changing of lanes.  
Overall, this will be a good addition to the 'muffin top melting' I've been doing. It's working out way more muscles during each position!!  Man, I'm gonna look good when this is over. Heck, I already do - I'm gonna look great!! 

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