Friday, September 25, 2015

My Mistake

I had been given the task of letting kids up on stage during the concert. They told me when to meet the kids side stage. I go over at the appropriate time and meet the little ones. 
I was told that on the last song, wait until after the first verse and into the beginning of the chorus - then let the kids up. 
Ok simple enough. 
One thing I realize as Matthew starts to sing after an alter call: nobody told me what the last song was going to be. 
He sings a nice slow ballad. He follows with a chorus. I have no clue if this is the last song so...ok girls, why not??
The girls go on stage. The line up behind him. They al raise their hands and sing. It was really cute and adorable, but...
Wrong song. 
Matthew backs up, not knowing kids are there. Almost trips on them. Nothing horrible happens (thank God). 
They start the next song (the REAL last song) and the show goes on and ends. 

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