Saturday, September 26, 2015

End Of Day 2

(Photo from yesterday's show in WI)

Today felt smoother. Much smoother. Everyone is getting systems down. We are understanding better how each other works. A bit of fine tuning here and there. Things are falling into place and we are definitely starting to get a groove. 
Jenn and I play a game everyday. We call 'Joe and Jenn vs. The World'
Everyday we go through and tally all the times we were proactive, all the times we did right preventing things going wrong, all the times we answered questions before they're asked of us. 
We have won the last two days. There were a few times the world has scored on us - but overall we are still winning by quite a landslide. 
And this weekend we will be Jenn-less. Idk how much weight that will leave on me. We do have a different tour manager coming in for two days. My only thing is I don't know him at all, and I have never had a different tour manager boss other than Jenn.  At the very least, thugs will be interesting and/or different. 

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