Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Down Time After Time

I only had two things on my to-do list today when I woke up. Buy some more gaff tape and buy more lanyards.  That was it. I ended up doing a lot more...

Started out by going to a random store that I was informed was some of the best Banh Mi in the country. It's at s local mom and pop Vietnamese Store in Nashville. 
There was nothing special about this store at all, other than the Banh Mi and the ordering process. 
You have to order from the one and only check out clerk. He's about 60 and a stereotypical Vietnamese guy- short, skinny, sweet. 
Once ordered, he makes a phone call. He then let's you know that your food will be ready soon.  Five minutes later, a young Vietnamese kid brings up a nondescript bag with your order. 

I then ventured to The Grand Ole Opry for no reason other than I was only fifteen minutes away. 

I ate my Banh Mi in the front patio are of the GOO. 

 I took a short tour of the GOO. Walked around backstage 

and watched them setting up for the nights show.  It looked like every day of my life for the last month, lol. 

After the Grand Ole Opry, I went next door to the Opryland Hotel. I was excited to see the lobby after seeing the photos online. I was a little disappointed, 
especially after seeing all the Vegas Hotel lobbies.  Luckily it was free. 😀
I then went and bought my gaff tape and lanyards.  


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