Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Hello, My Name Is..."

David Trask is still covering for Jenn.  Yesterday at our 'VIP QnA with Matthew West', David introduced Matthew as, "Please welcome, Matthew West!!".

Matthew played it off great!  "I'm not Michael W.  I'm Matthew W."

At the very end of the QnA, Matthew played one last song for the crowd: Day One.
A lady in the second row shouted out just as he finished, "You just gained a fan!"
Matthew: "Excuse me...?" a little confused at the situation.
Lady: "I came here with no idea who you are.  I've never heard of you or your music.  I'm here with a friend.  So you just gained a new fan - I love that song!!"
Matthew: "Well, thank you ma'am!  It's nice to meet you - my name is Michael!"
The entire crowd breaks into laughter.

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