Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wheeling & Dealing (With It)

Some days go great and all is right in the world. Other days nothing is good and it's miserable as you wait for the day to end. 
Today was a...beautiful(?) mix of the two. 

The area we were in was picturesque!

Even the venue was spectacular!

But then, we get dressing rooms the size of broom closets. 
The only way in to the venue from our bus was a two block walk, left into a dark alley, open the scary door next to ledge and hope nobody mugs you along the street apparently known for its prostitution at one point in time.  
All the rooms are in the basement. It looked and felt more like a cellar. The design of the basement may have been based on The Cask of Amontellado when it was originally built. 

We got everything done we needed to. The show went well. All was good...other than catering for dinner. I couldn't eat what we had, so Jenn bought me dinner from elsewhere. (I pretty much just ate my after show food for dinner instead of at midnight).  
Mmmm, country fried steak!!
Let me tell you...if you've never had a country fried steak from West Virginia, trust you me - feel free to order something else on the menu. It'll probably be more impressive. 

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