Saturday, November 14, 2015

"I Was Made For This"

Today was a good day. I got started a little early and took the bull by the horns. It made for a nicely paced day from then on. No rushing, no fast walking, no sense of urgency.  I was able at one point to just sit at the edge of the loading dock for 20 minutes waiting for our bus groceries to arrive.  
It was a nice day out.  The sun was shining, the temp was perfect. It gave me some time to just reflects little bit, to pray a little bit, to appreciate where I was, where I've been the last couple months and appreciate things I don't typically find time to.  
I spent quite a bit of time in the morning pondering this sign:
I couldn't make a decision if 
1. I shouldn't enter. 
2. If I should leave it open. 
Why was I being forced to decide between the two options?  Which choice was better?  Who will be affected by my decision and in what ways?  
The pressure!!!!!!
(I ended up breaking both requests. The door stayed open all day. It was also catering - I entered a few times...and I don't regret it one bit)

Anyone else see something wrong with this picture...?

We also had a birthday party today!  Sharon, Matthews mom!  I had to order a cake for her, so I ordered an ice cream cake. Probably the best decision I've made in a while. Everyone loved it and I even had them write a special message on it for her:
She loved the message. I'm glad nobody thought it was too immature or something.  You know how some people can get sometimes.  
It was chocolate chip ice cream too!!

I started using the cardboard pieces in our 24 packs of water for shopping lists. I have been tempted to make the runners use this list because of its ginormous size, but nobody can read my writing. I'm afraid they would look at this list and come back with just Funyons and Hi-C. 
(I end up having to type it up and print it)

And lastly, today's fashion award goes to the wearer of these boots:

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