Friday, November 20, 2015

"One Less"

It's funny how a terrible day will make a tolerable day seem not so bad...

It took almost three hours just to assign the rooms. We had options, but it was trying to decide which of the lesser evils would be better for each group of people:
Distance to stage. 
Distance from bus. 
Distance from catering. 
Distance from showers. 
Private bathroom. 
Shared bathroom. 

We ended up building a production office in catering which was on a basketball court in a gym. 
The basketball hoop is just to our left. 
I took both of those photos standing in the same spot. 

This church also had an amazing train that I just HAD to get photos on:

But I think the best photo of the day came two hours into the day when Jenn walked into the "Studio A" dressing room and as I walked in behind her I found a hat that I adorned before she saw me. so when she turned around, she just belted out laughing. 
I think it was a moment we both needed after yesterday. Just a few seconds to disconnect and laugh. 

Mid afternoon I tried to get Jenn to play a game for thirty minutes: you have to sing anything you say while in the office. 
She almost agreed and then immediately piped out a stern, "no. No."
I began to sing, "but Jenn I think it would be fuuuuun"
Then a voice behind me, "what are you doing...?" As Matthew chuckles at me. 
I sing again this time to Matthew, "we at a playing a gaaaame. We must sing all ooooof our reeespooooonses."
Without missing a beat, "is that singing?"
"I tryyyyy.  I tryyyy."
Matthew walks away. 
Jenn just looks at me shaking her head, "you asked right when he walked in. That's why I said no."
Haha. Great moments like these. 

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