Monday, November 23, 2015

"The End"

The Live Forever Tour has come to an end.  I have finally arrived back home in Atlanta and I am presently curled up in my nice warm bed.  
I've learned and grown a lot over the last couple months.  I've seen myself mature and accomplish more than I thought I could.  I've gained perspective on lots of things and I've helped others to see some things in a different light too. 
I know the last two months was exactly where God wanted me for that season. Through the difficult times, the challenges and the disappointments - it was all meant to be. Through the fun, the excitement and the joy - it was all meant to be. 
God opens doors and provides opportunities. He never promises they will be easy, never promises that they will be fun. But part of it is up to us as individuals to find that joy, make things fun and to find the positives in everything.

1. I've made some great friends through all of this. 
2. I've strengthened a friendship I already had going into this. 
3. I've been reminded on several occasions, that I can't control everything and that I need to remain positive and flexible. 
4. I've learned that I am better than I see myself. I have more worth and value than I place upon myself. Others all around me see that - even when/if I don't. 
5. I've learned to always sit down to pee on a moving bus. 
6. I've been reminded people love me when I'm me. And for being exactly who I am. 
7. I've been able to use some of my creativity in the taping of signs and through a handful of photos. 
8.  And I think most of all - I've gained a new respect for myself by seeing all of the things listed above and growing from them and becoming a better me. 

Thank you to everyone that was on the tour with us. Especially to Jenn. My friend and boss who made me her 'one non-negotiable' because she knows me and believes in me and invites me out on these great adventures with her.  I could not ask for a better friend. 

The End...
And tomorrow begins a new Day One!!!


  1. I've enjoyed your blog, but I've enjoyed just being around you. You're awesome, Joe. I see why you're Jenn's AMEX.

    I'm really sorry about #5.

    1. Haha. #5 is not your fault when I must #1.