Friday, November 13, 2015


I cannot even begin to describe today's mood. It started out as a decent day. Decent other than runner issues again:

"We have three runners today."
"Cool. Can one of you run Emily to Starbucks and The other run Papa Joe to the showers?"
"We only have one car."
"One car and three drivers??"
" is only 17. She's with her mom here. And I'm here. I don't have my car."
"This isn't going to work. We need runners WITH cars. Their own vehicles."

I don't get how people think this could even work. The only job of a runner is to drive places. It's not a relay. It's simultaneously and separately.  

In other news, the terrorist attacks in France happened today. Several people massacred at a concert. It's really sad and scary. 

Right after that news broke out, I received some somber news in a phone call from a friend. My heart has shattered today from all the heartbreak. Especially for my friend.  

There's too much anger and hatred in this world. 

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