Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yings and Yangs

It's been a little weird lately.  A lot of situations that have two ends of the spectrum or two flip sides going on.

On the dietary scales of my life...ugh.

I have recently been able to narrow down a HUGE part of where my vertigo comes from: Caffeine.
On the plus side: I can start eating sodium again.  This includes meat.  I love bacon.  LOVE bacon!
On the negative side: I still can't eat dairy.  Now I can't have soda's either.  I don't drink coffee anyways but I love me a Mountain Dew or generic store brand Mountain Lightening.  Minimal sodas from here on out...ugh.

Along with that, I was eating a lot less when I was working from home doing the extras casting thing in September.  I lost 10 lbs by not eating much because I wasn't doing much other than sitting at a computer and eating and sometimes showering.   Now I have been doing approximately 50 squats every morning putting tape signs on the floor.  I run around most days from about 5-7pm.  Literally running around.  Making sure this is over here, that is over there, someone has this and someone has that.  With the running, comes more consuming, comes more weight gain...ugh.

Lunch was great today.  The food was delicious.  Some of the best grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.  Too bad two of our tour members found metal pieces in their food...ugh.

I fully stocked the waters on the bus early this morning.  Not even an hour later after I stocked the buses with the waters, I received a complaint that the water on our bus tasted funny and was told to swap out the waters on the bus, so I did.  Ten minutes later, "Are you really swapping out all the waters on the bus???  You didn't have to do that."

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