Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Stop The World"

What was different about today?

I woke up early this morning and needed to use the facilities. Our bus doesn't have the ability to deal with the solid waste deposits in our restroom so I went into the venue to use their toilet. 
As I snooped around, I found out our room was large and had a large bathroom. But it also shared that bathroom with another artist AND the bathroom doors could not be locked.  We have too many ladies with us for that to be acceptable.  So we ended up switching rooms with some guy from American Idol, Gokey. Idk who he is, but he got a huge dressing room today so he could share a very open toilet with another artist.  
It wouldn't had been so bad if the catering lady wasn't so demanding of immediate answers and yelling at me. At one point I just turned to her and very straightforward said, "I am not authorized to make these decisions. I will give you answers as soon as I get them."
She didn't appreciate that, but oh well. I got her an answer and we swapped our rooms and the world was still alright. 

Then my world got pulled in half a dozen directions as everyone started asking me for everything all at once...passes, meal tickets, packets, schedules, sign changes, arrows, start times, ice, drinks, locations, cases............
I did my best to do what I could as fast as I could. I feel like I dropped so many balls trying to get it all done at once, but some people were just going to have to wait. And they did.  And the world was still alright. 

By the time I got things up and running, we had to go straight into a media blitz with Matthew.  First was a radio interview. 
We did that for about 20 minutes and then went right into a meet'n'greet at a different location.  Where we were was an amazing view of the show: Spotlight world. 
Twenty minutes there and we were off again to do an autograph signing. 
There was a line over 1000 people long that wrapped around the stadium wanting autographs.  
It was odd how they set it up. One continuous line for all the artists. The artists would take turns in 30 minute increments.  Whoever was signing when you got to the front of the line - that's whose signature you received.  Regardless of whom you actually were hoping for in line.  
We signed for about 45 minutes since we showed up early and the next band was late. Matthew loves these sorts of things, so this was a positive opportunity for us. 

Then a breather.  Lunch time. 

Soon as lunch was over, it was back at it full force.  Make sure towels and waters are at the stage.  Make sure Mr Talkboxis ready to go on.  Then I sat with some repairman for 30 minutes as he never got our satellite fixed on our bus. 
Then it was time to get Matthew to the stage.  
 Soon as he was done: DINNER TIME!!

This was the longest dinner break I've had on tour.  About an hour. I was already exhausted at lunch at 2pm. Now it's 6pm and I am beat!!! 
I literally felt my body trying to shut down. 
An hour later in the dressing room, I passed out. I fell asleep for about an hour or so. I woke up at 9pm, just in time to catch the Third Day show. 
What a great show, as always. 

During the encore, they pulled everyone on to stage that was side stage. Jenn came out with me for ten seconds before she disappeared.  I stayed on stage and sang my little heart out with them. 

Twas an ok day, but it was definitely a great night. 

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