Thursday, November 19, 2015

"A Few More Days"

One show down. 
Three more to go. 

What was with today, today???
So much was off today. So much was weird today. So much was frustrating today.  I don't even know where to start with everything that just wasn't right.  
The low:
I don't typically get to frustrated with people, but after 8 hours of security letting anyone and everyone just walk into the backstage dressing room area, the put four people in our office unattended.  All of our stuff is in there - computer, clothes, money, wallet, supplies, etc.  
That in itself was annoying. 
Keep in mind we specifically asked them not to let people come into the backstage area and they agreed to that. 
THEN...barely an hour later:
Five ladies come down to use the ladies restroom in the backstage area unescorted.  I left the office to see what was going on.  They told me the security guard upstairs said they could use that restroom. 
"Oh.  Well, that's not really ok since this is the backstage restrooms and they are for our tour personnel."
I go upstairs to find no security upstairs letting anyone downstairs.  So I block the stairwell down to our dressing rooms, not allowing anyone else to wander down into where we are camped for the day. 
Not even two minutes later, head of security comes over declaring, "they can use that bathroom.  This is our building, not yours!"
I'm totally willing to work with nice people.  Don't come at me with an attitude and a power trip though.  

So there was that, then on top of that there was a bunch of other issues all day with runners, catering, more venue stuff, the prohibitation of pamphlet passing out within the sanctuary because one of the elders has a competing company.  Whatever happened to 'doing it for the children' and not 'doing it for the paycheck'. 

Highlight of my day:
I had been eyeing some mats in the corner of our production office all day. I had been running thoughts of how to make the best use of these mats. So, with ten minutes until Byron MrTalkbox had to be on stage, Byron and I built a fort with them!!
We had three minutes to spare. But items at least a minute walk to get to the stage.  But he made it there after we made our fort in the room!!  

This also happened today:
Our monitors guy found a deer hanging out by the gear we were loading in. It almost made it into the building at one point from what I heard. 

If you watch the Walking Dead, and watched last Sunday's episode, you'll enjoy this:
I had to let Jenn know which level to find me on so we could do the autograph session.  Just as they wrote Dixon on the door for Daryl to find them, I wrote Manning on the button for Jenn to find me. 

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