Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Out Of My Hands"

Today was...weird. 

The runners were great!  That was a splendid change from the norm. All was wonderful this morning too. Both Jenn and I planned on getting showers this afternoon thinking it would be a slower day at a really nicely laid out venue.  
Just as the afternoon began, I found out that this venue was mostly run by newbies. I think several were students learning to do their job.  What better way to learn than by experience, right?  "Let's just do shows, and you can screw them up now so you don't make the same errors when you work at a real show"
Maybe I'm far off base on that, but it definitely felt like that. There were so many errors and unanswered questions and huge rookie-like mistakes. 
For example:
The venue set up a meet & greet that was to run from 630pm-7pm...with 150 people attending...and didn't tell us ahead of time...and didn't tell the 159 people anything about how or where or when. 
They told us around 2pm. At which point we have a few hours to figure out how to get 150 people through a line in 30 minutes!!!
Mathematically, that's one person every twenty seconds!!  Barely enough time to just take a picture, let alone a signature or a "hi, how are you doing?"
We were able to work it all out and fix everything, but that should have never happened. 
We also got pranked tonight!!
The girls decided to play pranks on us. Jenn and I were asked to check out our bunks, so I warned Matthew as we opened the door to the bunks, "be ready. And you might want to film this..."
As the door slid open and Matthew started walking back, I screamed as loud as I could. He literally jumped about a foot off the ground. I can't blame him though, my screams are loud and frightening. All of those years working at a haunt finally paid off. 
What I found was that the girls had gaff taped my bunk so I couldn't get into it.  It was gaffed like a spider web. I could barely get one foot through any of the gaps.  
Jenn luckily only got streamers. She got more decorations than prankage. 

I'm sorry, I don't care if your age is still single digits, or barely double digits. Payback will be paid back!!  
Oh, and it was:
We left a nice little note on the door for the girls, and gaff taped their shoes to the ceiling.  It's tall enough they won't be able to reach their own shoes - I could barely reach them standing on the seats. 

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