Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Nothing Else"

Today was a great day and a wonderful way to end the tour. It did have its moments of frustrations as people didn't have tickets and numbers and such as we needed them, but we got our stuff done as quickly and efficiently as we could with grins on our faces!!

There were a handful of 'end of tour pranks'...
I gaff taped the toilet paper dispenser in the crew room. 

Catering was...water???

In case anyone was looking for catering, i think it's this way...

The blue sign says, "this way to buses". 
We even played VIP QnA bingo!!  After sitting through 30 QnA sessions, we have heard several key words and seen several situation recur often.  So we made game cards that included things like, Barnes & Nobles, Day One, being from Chicago or mentioning the Cubs. 
The crew turned the bubble machines around on Franny so that the bubbles blew TOWARDS the stage, instead of the typical AWAY from the stage. 

I finally got a picture with Matthew West!!!
And one with Franny too!!!
AND Mr Talkbox!!!!
Just kidding, that's Corn. Haha.  
I got a photo with all three of us. 

Some other random great memories from today include, but not limited to:
Jeff, our truck driver dressed up again in his Alice Cooper makeup just for me to get this picture!  

I drew this on our whiteboard:

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