Monday, November 16, 2015

"Do Something"

This morning started with sleeping in. We are in Dallas and have the day off.  I also had nothing planned - the possibilities were endless!!!

First things first: breakfast. Two bagels with cream cheese!!  I bought the bagels two weeks ago, so it's good I finally ate some of them. 

Second: a quick trip to the bank.  Luckily my bank had a branch right across the street!  The difficult part was getting across 6 lanes of traffic with no crosswalk.  I made it safely both directions!!  But I also had to wait for a clear space for a few minutes both times. 

Third: lunch with friends. Six of us went to lunch today at Chuys.  Two of my favorite moments: 
1. We all belted out "oh baby baby!" When Britney Spears played on the radio. 
2.  Restaurants started posted reading material in front of urinals for some reason.  This place had some concerning graphic novel pages written in Spanish. I couldn't tell what it said but the photos were quite disturbing. 

Fourth: the mall. We saw the biggest tree I have ever seen up close:

Then I thought we were going shopping, but instead we went and got pedicures. 
My feet hurt during the process, but tonight, they feel so nice and soft! 

Fifth: thank you dinner. Matthew took out the production team, the crew, merch and the drivers for a thank you dinner.  We all had a great time bonding with each other and our boss.  Throughout the normal working day, none of us typically have time to spend doing anything together other than work. So getting this time for us all to talk and laugh together and tell stories was great!!

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