Sunday, October 4, 2015

Birthday: The Sequel

Jenn and I both felt the need to do something memorable again on my birthday. When we were out with Third Day, we borrowed a golf cart and had everyone make a birthday toast as they would enter the production office. 
This year we had no specific goals, but needed to make it a memorable day. As we waited for the load out to complete, Jenn and I...

1. Went into the gym and I commentated on Jenns basketball shooting. 

2. We went upstairs and found a choir room.  Why wouldn't you put on a choir robe and take photos???

3. The next room we found was the instrument practice room. We played a little piano. I surprised myself remembering how to play in the key of C. 

4. The last thing we did was stumble into the baptismal room. I literally stumbled into it. My right foot is now soaked. I almost slipped and fell completely into it, but I luckily caught myself. 

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