Monday, October 12, 2015

Low Tides

About to go surfing for the first time. The waves look pretty high, which just makes for a greater adventure. 
I am a little nervous. My vertigo isn't being calm today. Could be from my nerves, my excitement, or just from my diet lately. It's not bad, maybe just like a 15mph spinning world. On s good day it's 3mph.  My worst has been 60mph. So it's not bad, but I can feel it for sure. 
I brought my pills, which I will take just after my lunch on the beach front at this restaurant with bad signage as I cannot see the name of the restaurant anywhere from where I sit. Oh well, no free plug for them. 
After my patty melt consumption, I will let that sit for 30 minutes - then off to catch a wave!!!  

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