Wednesday, October 14, 2015

San DieGo Away

Woke up and took a quick ride to the venue. Passed the USS Midway on the way there. 
Then we arrived at what we already thought would be our most challenging day yet...
1. We have to load in 3 hours late. 
2. We have to load out 3 hours early. 
3. There are two dressing rooms on the main floor. 
4. There are 3 other rooms on the 3rd floor.  Only accessible by stairs and by walking through the seating area in the balcony. 

5. There are cameras in every room. Including the bathrooms. 
6. There is only 50 square feet of a backstage. 
7. There are only two accessible bathrooms.  
8. No buses or trucks can park on the property. 
9. Nobody can be in the building after 9:30pm. 
10. Nobody can be in the parking lot after 10:30pm. 
There's probably more I don't even remember.  It was a crazy fast paced day. 

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