Friday, October 30, 2015

The Farmer in the Wisconsin Dells

Today was a weird day.  Lots of weird things happened...

Some guy asked my name and put me in his phone notes as 'Joe - Ass Tour Manager'
Catering broke down the food thirty minutes early, so we bought Culvers. I've never had it, but I decided to have shrimp since we've had burgers and chicken so much lately.  Jenn and I had a good laugh over the fact I was trusting the seafood at a land locked Wisconsin restaurant. 
It brought up memories of eating a hot dog from a stand in NYC and then going to see a Broadway show and proceeded to throw up the hot dog during the intermission.  
I joked with the runner that the hot dog ended up costing me $7/hr for the 45 minutes I was able to keep it down. 
We had someone go up to the stage and leave a bucket of candy.  We grabbed it immediately and tore into the gourmet popcorn before the next song ended!!  

We had to store the empty production boxes outside today.  In the cold. And rain. Unprotected. 

While we were rearranging our office, we found a photo of Bill Cosby that someone purposely hid behind some chairs. I hung it back up.  It made for several great conversation centerpieces. 

I also got bored for two minutes, so I started drawing an L on a bunch of Paya shampoo bottles:

We also got a new bus this week. Several things have changed:
The color of the bus.  It was black. It's now white.  It does throw me off sometimes still walking outside looking for the big black bus. 
The toilet faces the other way.  I now face the front of the bus when standing to pee. It has helped decrease my 'that awkward moment when you are urinating standing up on a moving bus and the driver hits the breaks so you grab the nearest handle, only to find that the handle is attached to a door that opens the same direction your being moved by the breaking of the bus so instead of slowing your fall, it does nothing but move with you...backwards, as you're still peeing' moments. 
We had four drawers for refrigeration. Or so we thought. Three for refrigeration. One is a freezer.  We exploded milk and some iced coffee in glass containers in the freezer, and accidentally let some ice cream melt in the fridge. 

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