Saturday, October 17, 2015

That's California For Ya.

Not bad. Not good. A nice normal show date...other than the fact that there were only two dressing rooms for everyone. 
Our production office/both bands/Talkbox/crew/promoter/craft services/Francesca room got to be a little crowded at times. 
Catering was in the next building over. So we only had lunch there. Luckily Jenn has friends stop by that brought us what they deemed as 'just a burrito' from the Taco Tree.  I enjoyed it.  Nothing too special, but the sauce was really good. 

Jenn and I were able to scratch a 'need to do while on tour' item off the list. 
We were able to borrow a golf cart and take a three minute joy ride through the parking lot at 8mph. 
Too much fun...?  Nah...

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