Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Idiot Me...

I was debating on even writing about this, but it is kinda funny and totally describes me and my naivity sometimes when it comes to the opposite gender...

Subtitle: "maybe this is part of why I can't get a date"


I'm at Penn & Teller. I'm by myself, Surrounded by strangers.  On my left is Phillip and his wife. On my right is a girl and two of her friends. 
After I get back to my seat, she asks if I knew they would bring me up on stage. I said, "no clue. I just bought a ticket and showed up like everyone else."
After the show ends, she asks if I could text her the video so she could watch it. 
I say ok. She gives me her phone number and we wait for the crowds to leave. 
I get bored after 30 seconds and sit back down. "We aren't going anywhere for a while. I'm going to watch the video now. Nothing better to do."
She sits next to me and we watch the video together. After the video ends, she says, "you don't have to send me that.  It's ok."
"Oh ok. Here's this back."
As I hand her phone number back to her...(yes, that's the 'idiot me' part)...and then I walk away. 
As I was turning to leave though, her friend asks, "what was that?" Referring to the paper I handed back to her. 
"My phone number.  I gave it to him. He gave it back to me." She said a little disappointed. 

"...idiot." -Napolean Dynamite and/or Chris Farley and/or Red Foreman 

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