Sunday, October 25, 2015

Matthew: Live In The House

We had a radio spot this morning. There was a contest that was put on months ago where the winner would get a concert in their house with MW. 
This morning we fulfilled that. We came in and performed acoustically several songs AND recorded it for radio AND recorded it on video for the station. 
Matthew letting a kid strum as he sings the song. 
WayFMs Wally hosts the event. 
It was a pretty cool fun prize for them. We had pulled up in the bus and parked it in front of their house.  We were greeted by about 20 people. 8 kids that immediately sprinted at Matthew and crowd hugged him. 
At the start of the recording, Matthew asked them if anyone had any stories about any of his songs. Typically people answer, "it got me through this..." or "this song encourages me". But not today!!  A little six year old kid pipes up, "I played one of your songs at school!  ...they didn't like it."

So Matthew sang some songs, answered questions, and even did some praise and worship since it was Sunday.  Overall, it was a really cool experience for them and really cool that I was able to help 'manage' this event for the morning. 

Meanwhile at the venue:
Jenn was going to have to do BOTH OUR JOBS this morning since she was without me...or so we both thought.  Jenn had three of our crew people help her to knock out my job and get things done. Pulling together as a team to cover being a person short was nothing short of amazing and touching/heartfelt. 

Our show tonight started at 5pm. That's two hours earlier than normal.  Which means we end two hours early!!!  

And then a 14+ hour drive to Tennessee. Followed by a 4 hour drive home. Followed by dinner made by my room mate (probably as I do laundry). Followed by a long nights sleep in my bed. And then taking care of my car tags on Tuesday, sigh. 

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