Sunday, October 11, 2015

You Gotta Kick a Little AZ

Phoenix today!  There wasn't much to see at the venue.  Lots of walls and fences around blocking the view. But what I could see was pretty. 
I took a ten minute break in the middle of the day to get a little 'exercise' in. And I use the word exercise loosely as it was just a quick game of cornhole against Mr Talkbox. And by quick, I mean it was three rounds and the score was 12-0. I didn't do so well...
I guess I should've known he'd be pretty good when the cornhole game has his image and name on it. Lol. 
I also found out that our bus has wings and can fly!!!  Not really, but it does have a sun shade. 

During today's QnA, there was an event that took place. There was a man who proposed to a lady!!  
It was all sweet and romantic except that her reply was, "I think we have a lot of praying to do about this first."  😒

We are on a 'dry tour' which means no alcoholic consumption by anyone on the tour while touring. 
Tonight is the closest our people will get to drinking:
"Bartender, I'd like a cross...on the rocks."

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