Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Tuesday ToDay

I didn't have much on the to-do list today, but I was able to fill today with lots of fun adventures still!!  
Started off with a trip to The Frist museum.  

Apparently this museum has no permanent displays. I didn't gather that from the website. So the only displays were of a company that made postcards and then began making clothes and decor. It was a German company, which was cool that I could read most of what was written on the cards and memorabilia. 
My favorite part of the museum was the kids section where it was hands on learning and fun! 
I made my own postcard and clay sculpture! 
I also made a (very short) short movie!

From there I walked ten blocks to get a free pita from the Pita Pit. 
I drove around collecting more free food today too. 

I then took a three hour nap.  I planned on maybe a one hour nap, but I was so tired that I could not wake up. I think it will be better though that I stay up later tonight since we are heading west tomorrow night and will be going wester and more west as the week goes. 

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