Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Idaho Mint

Did you know that the number one money making export of Idaho is not potatoes, but is actually mint?  I'm not really sure if that's true, but someone at the concert felt the need to tell us that for absolutely no reason. 
Someone also brought a poorly trained service dog to the concert...and then it jumped onto the table at the meet & greet.  

In other news, today Mr Talkbox pulled out his game of cornhole again and was playing with it backstage. It was still set up during out meet & greet, so he played a couple rounds with some kids. The kids apparently didn't know who he was until later when their mom asked, "how was it playing cornhole with Mr Talkbox?"
"What do you mean?  We just played with some guy that came over." 
"Yeah. That was Mr Talkbox."

I thought it was great they didn't know who he was.  They were all just having fun without it being about 'hanging out with the star'. 

In my world, it always makes me happy (and my boss happy) when she will ask me to do something, and it's either being done or I've already done it. That happened three major times today.  
"Hey Joe. The runner is back with the food for the busses."
I instantly texted back this photo:
"Already on it!"

We also had a masseuse come in.  It was much needed by all the crew.  I got my shoulders and calves done. My neck felt great all day.  My legs felt great for a few hours, then they hurt again from all the walking around the venue. 

I also had these little bits of deliciousness for dessert tonight:
Cinnamon sugar maple syrup with bacon mini donuts. 
Great way to end a meal and end a day. 

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