Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vegas: Continued

Previously on my blog:
Went to Mandalay Bay. 
Saw the Aquarium. 
Looked at plasticized fish. 
Lost $20 at blackjack in New York New York. 
Rode the monorail. 

Insert late lunch here as I monitor the cleaning ladies tidying our bus. 

I was about to get back on the monorail as Jenn texts me. Turns out we were both about to head to the Bellagio.  Instead of getting back on the monorail, I jump in her cab and we ride together. 

At the Bellagio, the lobby is adorned with a piece by famous glass blower, Chihuli. 
Next I seek out the botanical gardens. I'm a little disappointed that the gardens are about the size of my parents back yard in the suburbs. It's not very big at all. Within five minutes I'm done. 
There is quite a bit to see, but just not a lot of square footage. 
I then proceed to walk down and see more of the strip.  I've been here twice before, so I've seen a lot already.  There's not much I still need to see or need to see again. But I still took a couple more pics. 
The Bellagio:
Caesars Palace:
Treasure Island:
The Venetian:

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