Thursday, October 1, 2015

Nailed Day One On Day Five

It took five tries, but we finally got the kids right on Day One!!  

Day One: I sent the kids up on the completely wrong song. 

Day Two: I sent the kids on the correct song, but at the incorrect part of the song. 

Day Three: the fill-in manager sent the kids at the wrong time. 

Day Four: two people other than myself managed to send the kids at the wrong time and they didn't even get them on to the stage. 

Day Five: I was able to find 20 kids. I gathered them and gave them all the rules. I had them line up at the correct time and then I sent them on stage at the perfect moment. 

Ahhh, to get things right...even if there was a lot we didn't get right the rest of the day. I feel like I ended on a good note. 
Not looking forward to Nashville tomorrow.  Busiest city of any tour. Can't wait for tomorrow (actually tonight's show) to be past us already. 

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