Friday, October 23, 2015

Not Juan Son, But Tucson

Long day. 
Stressful morning. 
It got to the point today that Jenn could even read on my face that I was feeling exhausted by some of our circumstances. I am typically pretty easy going, so when I get to the point of verbally and aggressively asking questions you know I'm frustrated. 

So Jenn pulled us both off site and we made an 'emergency run' to get some special lunch and Starbucks for the crew. It was a much needed break in the middle of the day for both of us.  
And the crew got some special beverages too. 

The view was so beautiful today too!!!
Most of the rest of the day was uneventful.  
I did have one little girl come up to me at the end of the night as Matthew was doing autographs, "Your jacket says Insurgent Film Crew..."
"Yep.  That's my other job. I work in movies."
"Oh my goodness!!!  That's like my favorite movie!!  When I was in a wheelchair, my mom rented that for me a lot!"

Other random conversation today was with me and a couple of band members. One of the guys had mentioned lent and having to give stuff up for lent.  So I jokingly said, "for lent, I'm going to give up sobriety....last year I gave up lent.  The year before, I gave up hope."

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