Sunday, October 18, 2015

Portlanding On Both Feet

Today was a rather eventful day for us being somewhere I wasn't expecting too much to occur. 
It started out fairly slow paced like normal. Walk around the venue. Get the lay of the land down. Use the toilet. Lay some tape arrows down. But then....
We set up our production office for the day. Comfy couch, nice smelling candle, two of my new favorite foods:
And then things get more interesting...
We had some bus issues that forced us to empty the bottom bays of the bus. 
These made the day a little brighter:
And the sunset was great tonight too!
I also found out today that I made it on to Jimmy Kimmel Live. I guess if you can't make it into the audience, the next best thing is to be ON the show. 
They wanted stories about bad bosses. I thought I would tell the story about my internship in a music studio where I was fired for not cleaning up syrup that my boss spilt.  He actually fired me via text too!!  Half way through my story, the interviewer interrupts me and tells me I have to speak of a present day boss...but "it doesn't even have to be real. Just make it up."
So I made up the first thing that came to mind.  "By boss is so controlling she orders my food at a restaurant for me."  I've never had a boss do that. Lol. Idk how I even thought of that. There was some laughing from the audience at the end of my part, so that was a good thing.

Oh. And this accidentally happened:
The kids started crowding the front of the stage on the floor for no reason.  As we were about to return them to their seats, Matthew invites them up on stage. 
One little girl would not leave the stage. Matthew had to chase her down and return her to her father. 

After the show, we had a group of three people try to sneak on to our bus. Luckily Jenn was there to stop them, but still. Just one more weird thing that happened tonight. 


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