Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nothing That Happens To Me Stays In Vegas...

What an amazing day!!!  

Tonight I get a hotel room. With a bed. And a hot shower. Ahhhh. 
The room is kinda cool and also kinda weird. 
My bed sits in the middle of the room. It works, so I'm not complaining about that. But it is weird. 
As you can see above, the toilet on the right has its own cove that sits behind a mirror.  I swear I've literally ran into that mirror half a dozen times because I've been coming from the left side and the reflection looks like a new room. So I keep running into my own reflection at the last moment. 
The shower on the left makes me a bit clausterphobic. It's literally a water closet. 
Beyond that, there is a fridge in my room with a sign that says, if you use this fridge for personal use, we will charge you $13. 
Next to that is a rack of food with a sign that says if any item is removed from the rack for more than 60 seconds, you will automatically be charged for that item. 
There's also a mirror on my ceiling. It's creeping me out. I don't want to see myself as soon as I wake up. And every time I look at the mirror, there's someone staring at me as I try and sleep. Creepy. 
The ceiling also looks like a scene from Dexter. Why would you do this in a hotel room????
My bed also lights up. That's kinda cool. 

Jenn and I made a trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame:
Spent $20 in 3 hours. Money well spent on entertainment.  Pinball games including the Flintstones, Xmen, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Transformers...the best ones were KISS, Star Trek and the Wizard of Oz. 
I even made a high score on Apollo 13!!
Yes, that's actually me and my high score.  Not just my name found on one of the games. 

We then made a walk to Joe's New York Pizza.  I got pizza and had to virtually beg to buy a shirt. But I got one!!

Then I was off to Penn & Teller by myself. I walked 2.8 miles to get there. Totally worth the exercise, other than the sweat. Pretty sure I had a good body odor going. Oh well. As we were getting seated, we all had a chance to go on stage and sign an envelope. I figured I might as well since it may be the only time I get to go on the P&T stage. 
Bzzz. Wrong. 
A video begins to play before the show. Penn asks us all to tie our phones ON. 
"We need to use one of your phones. Please make sure it's on. Make sure the volume is on. Make sure you get signal in here."  
I had to have the stranger next to me call my phone as Teller is choosing me and my phone to be part of the first trick. The stranger is Phillip, I find out later. 
That's me and Phillip. 
I then go on stage and the video the next 120 seconds on my phone! 
It's interesting to watch after being on stage with them and seeing a different perspective. 
Some screen shots of the video:
I'm waving there, but you can't see my arm. 
I got to talk throughout, but there were also a few other spots I got to pantomime with them too. After he stepped on the styrofoam cup that held 'my phone', I mimed crying which got a good laugh from the audience. The biggest laugh came when Penn states that we sometimes find our phones in strange dark places. I turn around and Teller is putting on a doctors glove to do a cavity search. So I turned and bent over preparing for an excavation. 
My phone ended up being in the 15th row, under a seat, in a box holding a real dead fish on ice. 

After the show, I went out and got to get a photo and autographs from both Penn and Teller!
Penn remembered me by name. That was cool. 
Teller tells me that I was the very first person ever in the history of that trick to have a stranger call them on their phone. 
**I made Penn & Teller history!!**

I had them autograph the sanitation wipe they gave me to clean off my hands and phone in case there was still some fish residue. 

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