Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chicago Go-GO!!

Did a 'hometown show' today in the Chicago area.  It started as a fairly low key day. 
Everyone was so tired this morning.  It was like we were all trudging through mud.  Then things got crazy once the QnA started then the meet n greet was crazy then the post meet and greet and then getting back. 
The layout of the building was terrible. There was only one room backstage. All the other rooms you had to walk through the church, down stairs, down a hall...way too far for it to be functional.  But we got through it.  

I had a friend stop by tonight too!! 
April was in the area, so she swung by for 8 hours and walked around with me as I worked. She even bought/brought me Starbucks!!!!

The autograph session after the show felt like one of the smoothest sessions we have had. We've gotten it down to a science! 

I also did a little bit of makeup for Halloween. I wore it until mid afternoon before cleaning it off - it is a family concert...
I also made some 'heads in a jar' using me own face. 😳

Tonight is also daylight savings. It doesn't help us though. We are traveling from central to eastern time zone so it cancels each other out. :(
I can't wait to sleep a lot on Monday. 

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