Sunday, October 4, 2015

This Birthday Suits Me

'Twas a wonderful birthday. 

I Woke up to a beautiful trio serenading me with the song happy birthday. 

I got to have a hotel room (a luxury we don't always get on the road) all to myself for over an hour. I got to take a hot shower (also a tour luxury. The 'hot' and the 'shower' parts). I also got to take a short nap in a bed.  It was very nice not having a ceiling three inches from my nose as I slept. 

At the beginning of this afternoons prayer meeting and devotional, Matthew, Francesca, Talkbox, their bands and some crew all sang happy birthday to me.  That was really cool and very sweet. They also gave me a Starbucks card and Cupcakes!!
Matthews kids drew me a happy birthday photo on the chalkboard too. I have a photo, but not posting it in respect for their privacy. 

Jenn let me use a runner and take 20 minutes to go to Firehouse Subs and get my free birthday sub!   I also bought two red velvet chocolate chip white chocolate chip cookies. 
The kids tonight did a great job on Day One again!!  
I'm getting the hang of this now!  So glad it's finally coming together. 

Ended the day with a selfie with a great boss and an even better friend, Jenn. 

Twas definitely a great birthday. 

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